Crawling Castles

2D turn-based strategy game

  • Team Size: 5
  • Status: Completed Prototype
  • Tools used: Unity2D, C# Visual Studio, and Illustrator
  • Platform: Developed in Unity 2D for PC using C# in Visual Studio 2017
  • Crawling Castles is a competitive turn-based strategy game in which two players fight for control of important resources and territory by controlling movable castles and deployable units.

    Set in a world combining elements of medieval times, futuristic technology, nature’s wrath, and dark fantasy, players take turns moving castles and units, gathering gold and cannonball resources to deploy more units and upgrade existing units, avoiding environmental obstacles, and attacking their opponent’s castle to emerge victorious.

    Gameplay is strategic and exciting, focusing on movement, resource management, progression, level awareness, and combat.

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    My Role.

    I served as a Designer on the project and created the main menu, user interface, particle effects, camera/wave systems, level setup, and overall polish on many of the combat and character systems.

    The Team.

  • * Emmett Friedrichs - Designer
  • * Karl Lewis - Designer
  • * Claire Yeash - Designer / Producer
  • * Nathanial Walker - Programmer
  • * Norberto AlemanPadilla - Artist