Elevator Pitch

2D physics-based platforming game

  • Team Size: 5
  • Status: Completed Prototype
  • Tools used: Unity2D, C# Visual Studio, and Adobe Illustrator
  • Platform: Developed in Unity 2D for PC using C# in Visual Studio 2017
  • Elevator Pitch is a 2D side-scrolling physics-based platformer where players race through dangerous and shaking elevators.

    Players must race across broken and deteriorating elevators to obtain an interview at Elevator Corp. The elevators within the game are heavy and shake with the players constant movement creating a challenging environment.

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    My Role.

    I served as a Designer on the project and created the initial prototype for the game, along with the main menu, user interface, particle effects, camera/wave systems, levels, and overall polish on many of the level and character systems.

    The Team.

  • * Emmett Friedrichs - Designer
  • * Karl Lewis - Designer
  • * Genevieve Guimond - Designer / Producer
  • * Dyson Little - Programmer
  • * Grace Magnant - Artist