Production 2 (continued some more).

Production Blog

  • Date: 4/16/2019
  • Project: Simple Sandwich
  • Team Size: 9 - 2 Producers, 2 Designers, 2 Programmers, 3 Artists
  • Tools used: Unity3D, C# Visual Studio, Adobe Suite, and Autodesk Maya
  • Platform: Developed in Unity 3D for PC using C# in Visual Studio 2017
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    Pax East 2019.

    Getting everything into the build in time for PAX East was stressful, but boy was it worth it! Our team / game was chosen to be the only junior game shown off at the Champlain College booth at the convention. The rest of the days were given to senior games. While driving into Boston all we could do was hope that not only the build ran like it did the night before but that players would have interest in it and enjoy the game.

    Not only did a ton of players have a blast playing Simple Sandwich, but some even asked to purchase the game or if it was out on Steam or Itch!

    Fellow Humans at PAX East 2019, showing off our game Simple Sandwich!

    Champlain Games Fest.

    We have also secured a booth at the Champlain Games Festival in Burlington, Vermont! Here we will be showcasing and testing new ingredients, mechanics, and player feedback that we have been working on since PAX East. Players at PAX East showed us that our target audience is not only made up of younger children but also older adults, older players tended to enjoy the competitiveness of the game. Due to this feedback we now working on varying game modes in which team play is encouraged and discouraged.

    The Champlain Games Festival (CGF) is located much closer to us than Boston was for PAX which means we will be able to bring more equipment to set up multiple games at a time. We are excited to show off Simple Sandwich at another event and look forward to more in the future!


    ○ Finishing Up:

    The semester is beginning to come to an end signaling our deadline for our Alpha release date. While our game is entirely functional at this time we would still like to see the implimentation of systems that we have been working on before the deadline. There's still a lot that we want to finish and add to the game which is why many of our team members will work on the project through summer.

    Moving Forward:

    As stated in the previous post we plan on releasing Simple Sandwich at some point over this summer once we feel that the game is in great state. We plan on releasing a demo onto the first. But for now we still need to work out a budget and how we will go about publishing the game (either through an indie publisher or self publishing) before our release on Steam.