Bunker Busters

3D Physics-Based Bunker Combat Game

  • Team Size: 1
  • Status: Developement Paused
  • Tools used: Unity3D, C# Visual Studio, Maya, Illustrator
  • Platform: Developed in Unity 3D for PC using C# in Visual Studio 2018
  • Bunker Busters is a 3D minimal bunker vs. bunker artillery game based around physics based objects, fast reflexes, and strategically used ammo types.

    Bunker Busters is a personal project where players switch from a side 2.5D perspective to a 3D first-person perspective camera to load, fire, and destroy the enemies bunker! Timing and precision is key to correctly load your artillery cannon and fire at long-range, well defended enemy bunkers. But be warned, they will be firing back!

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    In-Depth Reloading.

    To load the player's cannon the player drags around each unspent artillery shell with their mouse, dragging a shell into the cannons loading area will slot the shell into place. The player can then shut the loading hatch, and then dial in the angle of which they would like to fire. Once fired the empty shell must be removed from the loading area and then a brand new shell to replace it. New ammo is sent to the player through a conveyor belt moving into the back of the bunker, players call for more ammunition through clicking on request buttons on the wall panel of the bunkers. This system is based on a que meaning that players should be careful about which type of ammunition they request at each time.

    Gameplay is fast paced, frantic, and stressful as the player's own bunker will suffer physical damage as the enemy fires back.

    The gun will jam or fire incorrectly based on how efficiently the player loads the ammo shell. This is based on if the shell is crooked, backwards, angled incorrectly, or if the hatch is not properly closed. This can either cause the cannon to not fire at all or possibly backfire based on the amount of reloading failures.

    Fast-Paced Combat.

    While managing your own ammo and firing positions the player is constantly being bombarded by incoming enemy fire by enemies using the same reloading systems. This system rewards players that have mastered it's skillset where experience with the system is favored over initial luck.

    Players will earn bonus experience points which they can use to level up by loading their artillery cannon quickly and efficiently, players can also see this accomplishment on screen as their cannon may fire faster or deal a slight increase in damage for that shell as a reward.


    When landing a hit, reloading efficiently, or damaging an enemy ammo supply the player gains experience points which allows them to eventually level up gradually. Through gaining levels the player can unlock different ammo types, cannons, and bunker modifications that change how systems work in the game.

    However, these upgrades are presented to the player as an option, each level advanced allows the player to choose one of two presented upgrades. This adds replayability to the game and gives players the choice of playing how they want to.

    Moving Forward.

    At this time I have moved onto other team-based projects however, I would like to eventually get this prototype into a fully functioning form. I have also considered a mobile release as I feel that the click/point-and-drag mechanics involved in the gameplay would suit mobile very well. This will be something to consider when I return to this project.