Knight And Bolts

2D Side Scrolling Brawler

  • Team Size: 6
  • Status: Completed Prototype
  • Tools used: Unity2D, C# Visual Studio, and Illustrator
  • Platform: Developed in Unity 2D for PC using C# in Visual Studio 2017
  • Knight and Bolts is a CO-OP 2D sidescrolling brawler that mixes both medieval and futuristic themes. Players fight through waves of futuristic robots to reach different stages and boss fights while protecting each other along the way.

    Both of the two characters that the players control are restricted to encourage teamwork. Player one controls the Knight which is restricted to close-range melee attacks with a large, and heavy sword. While player two controls a small hovering robot restricted to long-range damaging and healing attacks. The only way that player one can heal is through player two, while player two heals slowly over time.

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    My Role.

    I served as a Designer on the project and created the main menu, user interface, particle effects, camera/wave systems, level setup, and overall polish on many of the combat and character systems.

    The Team.

  • * Austin Vine - Producer
  • * Emmett Friedrichs - Designer
  • * Karl Lewis - Designer
  • * Jaymee Fulcher - Programmer
  • * Nathanial Walker - Programmer
  • * Nicholas Kline - Artist